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Back to the Wine #04 (2017) with Az. Agr. Tunia

"Our philosophy in general is the least interventionism possible and this implies a great effort of presence on the vineyards to allow us to limit the treatments in the cellar as much as possible! All you have to do is dedicate spasmodic care in what you are doing! Normally we we went to buy things produced in a certain way.. in a biological way, trying to get to know the producer... So for us it was automatic to produce them in the same way" - Az. Agr. Tunia ( For#Backtothewine

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Back to the Wine here is with Az. Agr. Tunia Civitella in the Val di Chiana

Back to the Wine #03 (2017) with Francesco Mariani

Back to the Wine here is with Francesco Mariani from Cantina Raìna, Montefalco PG and with

"Our iron vision of continuous improvement is carried forward in a logical path... I inherited the cellar, but I have a degree in Philosophy (and a professional chef). It's all a connected wheel: everything starts from the ground, the fruit is a consequence ".

Here is another of the precious protagonists of Back to the Wine - all endowed with a great personality and strong sensitivity towards Nature and the transformation processes of its fruits! We at Back to the Wine too appeal to Philosophy e we believe as the philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach said that man is what he eats: "food is transformed into blood, blood into heart and brain; in matters of thoughts and feelings. Human food is the foundation of culture and sentiment. If you want to improve the people [...] give them better food." (The mystery of sacrifice or man is what he eats, 1862).

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Back to the Wine #02 (2017) with Carlo Tabarrini

"Because in the end, who is it that gives certain flavours e certi perfumes al wine? La Earth!" 

Margo winery for BacktotheWine.

Return to the value of wine as a product of Territory... but also as the renewed life of a new generation of winegrowers, aware and determined in the research del taste of the "earth". Passion, culture and the least interventionism possible on nature and his fruits!

Just to remind us once again: in the DNA of Back to the Wine there is selection, discovery and valorisation of talents! We are waiting for you!

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Back to the Wine here is with Carlo Tabarrini from Cantina Margò - loc. Casenuove - PG

Back to the Wine #01 (2017) with Paolo Ferri

Back to the Wine here is with Paolo Ferri from Az. Agr. Old houses of Monzambano (MN)

"Back to the Wine" is also this: "return to wine" in terms of returning to a true passion and generational handover...

But more generally, in the DNA of "Back to the Wine" there is selection, discovery, enhancement of talents, strengthened by a new awareness and a new culture that interprets the "return to wine" as an artisanal commitment (= comparison with tradition, research, production) respecting nature, its rhythms and flavours! An authentic and genuine generation of producers that is growing up with a beautiful, hopeful energy. They are our Artisans. They are national jewels that express enormous value with their commitment! This is true high-end!

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