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The organizers


Blu Nautilus has thirty years of experience in the organization of trade fairs and events: a long and continuous company journey that testifies to its entrepreneurial ability, reliability and flexibility. 

The skills of Blu Nautilus arise from experience, strategic and creative ability and constant updating.

In each situation, it studies personalized proposals, in terms of format and communication: the projects are developed not only from constant observation of the present, but also from the ability to predict future trends.

Every activity of Blu Nautilus is oriented towards the creation of events that meet the expectations of exhibitors and the public, following the path of quality and encouraging collaboration with organizations, associations and local companies for the development of new or existing projects.

In the summer of 2016, the meeting with Andrea Marchetti, from which the idea of BACK TO THE WINE was born to present an event dedicated to wine, with a format far from the logic of the mainstream.


Passionate about wine for twenty years, he lives between Emilia and Romagna, territories that he particularly loves, not only because of his native land, but also for the important historical and cultural, gastronomic and enological riches.

Started out of simple curiosity, his constant desire to explore and "thirst" for knowledge of the wine world prompted him to face a long journey by frequenting the most disparate communities of enthusiasts.

Initially he follows a "classic" path, obtaining the AIS (Italian Sommelier Association) diploma, participating for two years in the tasting panel for the Marche region for a well-known guide and collaborating as editor for three years with a well-known blog, for which the he latest work is the #nogomma wine manifesto.

After approaching any type of drink made from grapes, from the supermarket brick to the rarest wine gem, he realizes that wine can't just be an object to punctuate on a guide or to participate in competitions.

He increasingly considers wine as the result of an agricultural act in the vineyard and a "creative" act in the cellar and consequently he approaches the world of "natural" and artisanal wine, with small productions in an eco-sustainable environment.


In 2014 the turning point with the creation of the first Vinessum, from the Bolognese dialect benéssum (very good), a community of enthusiasts who annually meet in the homonymous craft (and increasingly "natural") wine fair with a high level of entertainment, and il  success is immediate!

In 2015 the Vinessum community, which the public increasingly identifies with the figure and winemaking activity of Andrea Marchetti, organized the Eyes Wine Shut event at Villa Cagnoni Boniotti. Also in this case enthusiasts and operators decree the excellent result.

The third Vinessum at the Estense Castle in Mesola is impressive! There are 120 exhibitors of absolute excellence present at the event on the bank of the Po di Goro.

In 2016 the collaboration with Blu Nautilus was born for  BACK TO THE WINE, to recover visions and sensations of wine that we have lost, to conquer the future through the past.

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