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Italian Artisan Wine and Food


An amazing networking opportunity


Call for sommelier, drinks buyer, wine advisor, store manager, wine writer, restaurant manager, retail director, bar manager, export manager, purchasing manager, press, wine educator or anyone in the food & wine trade

Consumers have turned to a more aware lifestyle, and became more curious and demanding.

They now look for healthy products, and want to verify their origin and production methods.

This is particularly evident when talking about wine, as especially natural wines are attracting a growing
number of enthusiasts.

This exhibition also aims to satisfy those customers with a high purchasing capacity, who are often searching for niche and artisanal food.
RESTAURANTS, WINE BAR AND WINERIES will find many opportunities to try unprecedented quality products.

What we are offering is a real gusto experience… life stories to taste and tell!
BACK TO THE WINE is the place to be for professionals and enthusiasts pursuing consumer awareness, quality, environmental sustainability, health and wellness, local productions, safe products, sustainable production and mobility, positivity, sociability, sharing, prestige, fineness… uniqueness!

Most of the winemakers selected for BACK TO THE WINE run relatively small estates, producing 10.000 – 20.000 bottles, and can comply with qualified business purchaser.
Italian artisan wine still leads the trend in the best restaurants all over the world… even France!
Values, land and history… An experience these producers dedicate to their customers, within the halo of a true respect for nature, its rhythms and integrity.

BACK TO THE WINE is not an ordinary exhibition, nor even just a trade fair: it’s a manifesto.

A common ground of awareness that this community of producers and consumers shares, to actually “go BACK TO THE WINE”, to its original and traditional nature: a statement of culture, territory, emotions, hard work and – last but not least- human values.
BACK TO THE WINE is also a scouting lab: an opportunity for a new generation of winemakers,
more specifically trained and responsible, who want to promote a new enology, focused upon preserving the real taste of the many specific terroir.
It is a fair statement that Italy is still the world champion of food & drink variety, due to its rich morphologic complexity: valleys, hills, islands seas and mountains.
BACK TO THE WINE is a selection of the finest Italian taste varieties, always fresh, new and sustainable, representing the many different geographic areas of this great counrty.

Tradition is up-to-date here: this is what artisan wine and food means for us.
Cultural innovation has set new perspectives: many improvement to the traditional winemaking procedures are now possible, also amending the common mistakes from the past, thus allowing a more sustainable natural production, in order to give us a new wine and new food with the taste of nature, awareness, hard work and of course the best grapes.

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