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artisan orange wine


The theme of Back to the Wine is the Return.

The return to a lost vision, obscured by prizes, competitions and scores, by an approach that pursues a non-existent objectivity, by the diffusion of an approved taste that pursues itself in an empty spiral.

It's time to take a step back!

The wine is in the first instance an agricultural act, which must necessarily be responsible, having the attention to procure the minimal environmental impact possible.

Secondly, it is the result of cellar practices that they should take care to accompany the grape in a transformation as natural as possible minimizing manipulations.

But the most important element always remains the one who makes the aforementioned choices of vineyard and cellar, the one who can dictate the rhythms, possibly in harmony with nature: the man!

Let's take a step back to understand that a competitive approach and prefabricated schemes are a limited system, full of flaws, often incompatible with the true nature of wine: a nature with a traditional, cultural, territorial, emotional, artisanal, but above all human matrix.

The artisan winemakers are waiting for you at Back to the Wine to reach the future through a return to the past!

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